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D.Selvyn Nicholson and
Malathi Nicholson
Church at Amritsar

During the initial days, in Amritsar City, we were gathering in a rented place in Nai Abadi and later shifted to an independent place. After some time we started meeting in the houses of local believers. By the grace of our Lord, we got our own place in 2005, where we built a House of Worship and also our residences.
The Lord has raised gifted brothers to take up responsibilities and share in the ministries.



PUNJAB is one of the northern most states of our country.

According to the 2011 Census

Population of Punjab 27.7 million

Sikhism   57.69%

Hinduism   38.49%

Others – Islam, Buddhism, Christianity and Jainism.

The Golden Temple at Amritsar

This is the religious headquarters of the Sikhs

We both in Amritsar in 1991

Our Lord Jesus Christ took us to Amritsar in the year 1989

We started to worship the Lord with a few families in Amritsar. We stayed in a rented house and started preaching the Gospel of our Lord in the City and many nearby villages