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D.Selvyn Nicholson and
Malathi Nicholson
Church at Mulechak

We started going to this village from 1995. The Lord saved many families and we started regular worship and other meetings in 1996. The Lord gave us a small independent hall for fellowship in 2009, and the local believers continue to worship the Lord in it.

Initially the believers in the Village Mulechak were meeting in a small open space between two houses.

The place was too small and in winter and rainy days it was very difficult to meet.

The houses of the local believers were also very congested and could not accomodate a meeting.

Brother RAJU, who is a rickshaw puller takes care of the ministry in this village

His wife Paramjit, daughter Prarthana and son Vijay help him 

A few others like Bro Dhanna Singh, Bro Sajan are also actively involved 

In answer to the prayers of His people, the Lord gave an independent place Sept 2008

The hall was dedicated in Sept 2009

Please pray that the believers may increase in understanding and obeying the Word of God

They may be a chanel of blessing to many in their neighbourhood 

Many may be saved and added to this little flock